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CEO: Paul Lunow

Charlottenstr. 24
10117 Berlin

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Nepos N1 The simplest Tablet!

With the world’s first Universal Interface.

You could also call it the simplest user interface in the word.

Nepos N1 Switch on. Take part.

19 million people are afraid
of participating the digital world.

Simply because other devices were not optimized for the 60+ generation. Seniors are increasingly invisible to the family. With age, daily life becomes harder to manage. Services such as banking, shopping, entertainment and medical support are online today without them.

With the Nepos N1, this era is forever over. Finally, the generation of 60+ can take part in the digital world.

Nepos N1 Features

Clear. Consistent. Easy to use. Works well. With pleasure.

The Nepos N1 uses clear, understandable language and meaningful feedback.

The user is guided through a single easy to learn interaction - the Universal Interface of the Nepos N1.

For every occasion the N1 offers one approach, one that is easy to use.

The N1 has an error tolerant system that works fast and well.

It enables the generation 60+ to discover the internet without previous knowledge and with pleasure.

Our revolution:
a universal interface for every application.

We invented a user interface that enables the user to navigate through every application using the same self explanatory way. Once learned, the logic behind the menu is applicable to every occasion - surfing the internet, writing mails, shopping online or calling your family via video!

»Today it is a very good day«
Nepos N1 — the movie

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Switch on. Take part.

The Nepos N1 for the generation 60+