Our heart's passion.

So all people can conquer the Internet easily and safely. 
For that, we work day by day.

»Seniors don't want to

treated as 2nd class citizens«

Paul Lunow, Founder

Welcome to Nepos.

Our slogan "A digital world. For all." expresses the desire for our startup to enable everyone to use computers, tablets and the Internet easily and securely.

Paul Lunow is a passionate programmer, as the private tech administrator for his family, he experienced for years the numerous needs of his great aunt Luise. She was overwhelmed with the constantly changing and complex user interface. In 2015, the idea was born to develop a user interface that meets the needs of the older generation.

Convinced that older people are more than capable for the digital world, but only that the existing technology wasn't designed for them, Paul created the first universal user interface! And from there a tech startup emerged that has set itself the task of optimizing, transforming and curating digital devices for the generation 65+.


The Nepos Team

A 20-member team consisting of usability experts, software architects, gerontologists (aging researchers) and designers has developed the first universal user interface - the Ui +. It originated in a three-year development process with more than 1,000 testers and is at the heart of our applications.

Founder and Management

Paul Lunow
Founder & CEO


Paul is the founder and CEO of Nepos. For many years, he has dealt with the social aspects of digitization. His vision is to develop the world's simplest user interface for the digital connection of the older generation. In order to realize this idea, he founded the Nepos GmbH together with Florian Schindler in the summer of 2015.

Giuseppe Vitucci
Head of Design


Giuseppe is Lead Designer at Nepos and optimally applies the universal user interface so seniors can understand our apps and content. Before Giuseppe came to Nepos, he helped at the startup Payleven as a designer for Rocket Internet.

Florian Schindler


Florian is a co-founder of Nepos. He is also the founder and CEO of June Fund, an international technology investor with well-known partners in Europe and Silicon Valley. Previously Florian was Managing Director of BBDO Germany and initiated BBDO VENTURE, the first communications incubator of an international agency network.


Werner Aisslinger
Product Design

The well-known designer had the same experience with his father as Paul with his aunt. Then he heard about Nepos. After the first meeting, Werner Aisslinger started work on Nepos and give it its modern, unmistakable form. "When the first test subjects smiled in their hands, I knew we had done everything right."

Dr. Sebastian Glende
Research & Development

Sebastian's firm specializes in the seniors target group. His knowledge of the Generation 65+ is invaluable to Nepos and the implementation of the first products. "For the first time, a company has successfully integrated this target group from start to finish."


No person left behind.

We are giving 16 million people access to the digital world.

Older people are increasingly invisible to society. More and more institutions are offering services such as banking, shopping, info-entertainment and medical support but only online. Without digital devices that they understand and like to use, they lose the opportunity of connection.

Nepos embraces it's social responsibility. With the Ui +, the Generation 65+ gains easy and secure access to the digital world.

More information about the Ui +

We take the responsibility to ensure that the older generation does not lose touch with tomorrow's society.


We see it as our social responsibility to shape demographic change with modern technologies. We believe especially the older generation must be more involved in the digital discourse.