Nepos Tabletby Werner Aisslinger More than just a Tablet. 

„It is a creative persons and a designers happiest moment to see the target group holding the device in their hands, using it, smiling. In this very moment he feels connected with the users. He has reached the heart of the matter.“ Werner Aisslinger, Productdesigner

Straightforward.User-focused.Simple. Nepos Tablet

We are creating brand new truly innovate standards through a perfect combination of hardware and software.

Aiming for perfection

With the Ui+ at the very core of our work, we have created the easiest possible access to online content. In order to offer people with no previous knowledge whatsoever an optimum user experience, the hardware has to be adapted to their needs as well.

We have created such a device in conjunction with Germany’s most successful product designer. A product which does not stigmatise the generation 65+ any more: they can now feel being a part of the digital world.

Created and developed in Berlin. Ready for production. For people all around the world.

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