Does a senior tablet have to look like a senior tablet?

It's time! Time for a tablet that gives the 65+ years generation a sense of pride and accomplishment. A tablet that makes technology a breeze for all ages. 

Start button and volume control for the Nepos Tablet Start button Volume knob

Start button and Volume knob

The Nepos Tablet comes with a clearly visible start button. Pressing the start button will always take the user to the home screen, regardless whether the tablet is turned off or in the middle of use. The volume knob is clearly recognizable and easy to use.

LEDs and front camera of the Nepos Tablet Front camera LEDs

Front Camera and LEDs

The front camera is perfect for video calls. The Nepos Tablet has built-in notification LEDs. These inform about news, without distracting from the content.

USB-C and rear camera for the Nepos Tablet
USB-C and rear camera for the Nepos Tablet
USB-C Headphone jack Rear camera

USB-C, headphones and rear camera

The charging cable always fits, no matter which way you put it in. Headphone access is also straightforward. The rear camera makes it easy to take beautiful photos.

Ergonomic stand of the Nepos tablet Ergonomic stand

Ergonomic stand

The ergonomic stand on the Nepos Tablet provides a perfect angle to write on the display's keyboard. The device can be positioned either horizontally or vertically.

Nepos has succeeded in merging design and usability in a completely new way with this tablet. Finally the elderly can enjoy the digital life.

One tablet! One universal interaction model! Only useful apps!

Nepos Tablet
  • Help
  • Settings
  • Personal Data
  • E-Mail
  • Video Call
  • Neighborhood Social Network
  • Text Editor
  • Photos
  • Calendar
  • Documents
  • Online shopping
  • Travel booking
  • Audiobooks
  • Music
  • News
  • Videos
  • Games
  • Internet browser
  • Trip planner

Finally everything stays the same.

The Nepos Tablet is the first tablet with a unique user interface. Finally, all content is simple and consistent to use, from e-mailing to online banking. Our promise to you is a modern tablet that always comes with the feeling, "I can do it!".

That's why the Nepos Tablet is the simplest tablet in the world.


The first time the device is turned on, it explains itself. The most important basic rules are introduced and the device is connected to the Internet. From then there is nothing in the way of discovery.

Silent update and backup

The system is automatically updated in the background. All data is securely stored and can be seamlessly transferred to a new device in the event of loss or hardware failure.

Curated content

The tablet is customized to personal preferences during OnBoarding and offers interesting content to discover. In addition, all contents of the web are accessible via the browser.

E-mail pre-configured

Every Nepos tablet is connected to an e-mail address on delivery and you can start right away.

Security and privacy

Being safe in the digital world does not mean having to worry about your own data. We care about the personal data, so we protect it - not monetize it.

Designed and developed in Berlin - for the whole world

The Nepos Tablet in 5 points.

The Nepos Tablet uses a clear, understandable language and gives meaningful feedback.

The universal user interface (Ui +) is uniformly designed and allows a learnable and easy interaction.

For every use case , the Nepos Tablet offers a simplified and always consistent solution.

The Nepos Tablet has a fault-tolerant operating system that works fast and is reliable.

The Nepos Tablet gives the generation 65+ the opportunity to discover the Internet with pleasure - without technical knowledge.


Be first!

NEPOS Tablet

Clear.Consistent.Easy to use.Works well.With pleasure.

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