16 million people like Luise are digitally left behind in Germany.

Source: D21 Digital Index 2017/18

Half of the 65+ generation does not participate in the digital world. Especially in old age, the Internet is important for well being and participation in social life.

The Internet from a seniors' point of view: Pure chaos.

The Problem


The 65+ generation is overwhelmed by the variety and complexity of applications. After every system update and every new website, any previously learned interaction structure becomes obsolete.

Write e-mails, make video calls, order clothes, watch videos, send photos and much more ...

The Solution

The world's first universal user interface, we call it: Ui+
Ui+ stands for "Universal Interface" and represents our meticulous development of a user interface, optimized for the 65+ generation. In three years of development work, and more than 1,000 individual tests and three long-term studies, we have developed the basic principles of the user interface, which makes the use of the Nepos tablet so extraordinary.


Raising the bar for intuitive interfaces

We have developed a logic for our user interface that once learned, can be applied across all applications. No matter whether writing an e-mail, making a video call, online shopping or online banking, you are in control.

The key to the world's first Universal Interface.
The operation is always consistent and based on 4 basic principles:

  • 1 A single touch interaction for every action.
  • 2 The user is guided in a multi-sensory way.
  • 3 Every use case has only one solution.
  • 4 Clarity and minimalism lead to a visually appealing design.

This is what makes us special.


There are no small status icons or notification windows in the Ui +. A notification always covers the entire screen and guides the user multimodally - via text, symbols, color and sound.


Each screen has the option for a spoken voice to guide through the interaction, explaining exactly what is happening and what options are available. It is the first step to start a dialog with the interface.

Touch and scroll areas

Simple operation comes only when you can anticipate what the computer is doing next. In the Ui+, we generate this knowledge through the strict separation of touch and scroll areas. This distinction provides security and creates trust.

Help Screens

Simple on-screen instructions systematically guide you to your goal. The clear, friendly language creates a relationship of trust.

Thanks to the consistent logic of the Ui + the handling of the software is easy to learn.

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