Our hearts' passion

So all people can conquer the Internet easily and safely.

»Seniors don't want to be treated as 2nd class citizens.«

Paul Lunow, Founder

Welcome to Nepos.

Our slogan "A digital world. For all." expresses the desire for our startup to enable everyone to use computers, tablets and the Internet easily and securely.

Convinced that older people are more than capable for the digital world, but only that the existing technology wasn't designed for them, Paul created the first universal user interface! And from there a tech startup emerged that has set itself the task of optimizing, transforming and curating digital devices for the generation 65+.

Our Products

The Universal Interface

The world's first unified approach to all digital content.

More about the Ui+

The Nepos Tablet

Design and usability united like never before.

More about the Tablet


As featured in... The media are enthusiastic about Nepos and the mission of creating a secure and trusting gateway to the digital world for the older generation.